Big things have small beginnings…

As with many great discoveries, Helion started almost by accident. A chance meeting with an Auto Dealer facing technology challenges turned into a partnership that has spanned almost two decades. A true “American Dream” story, Helion Automotive Technologies has followed the path of many dynamic tech start-ups like Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Amazon, Apple, Google. Founded in 1997 by Erik Nachbahr in his Baltimore, Maryland basement, Helion has quickly grown up to be America’s largest outsourced technology provider for Auto Dealerships.

Helion brings considerable brain-power and experience to bear on all things “Automotive Technology”. With hundreds of dealerships and body shops under management our staff is keenly in tune with the unique challenges, both technical and operational, faced by Auto Dealers. Beyond competence and expertise our team brings a firm understanding of what matters in Auto Dealerships. Following the Ritz-Carlton motto of “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” Helion endeavors to bring an un-computer-guy service experience to Dealership staff.












Mission and Values

Helion’s Mission is “to be the I.T. provider of choice for Dealerships by designing and maintaining scalable technology systems that allow our clients to focus on running their business.”  We’ll accomplish our Mission under the guidance of 6 core values:



Work Environment

workenvironmentWhat it is like to work here…

By now you are probably asking yourself what it’s like to work here. Some of the adjectives we have heard from team members in describing our work environment include: Dynamic, Progressive, Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Full of Opportunities to Learn. Two key areas of our day-to-day operations are improving Client Satisfaction & Team Member Development.

Client Satisfaction

With a client base of 25,000 users that rely on our expertise across the country, their satisfaction is the driving force behind our success and growth. We come to work each day to serve and help them in whatever way we can so they can focus on their business. Every day our decision making process focuses on best interest of the client

Team Member Development

Part of what makes Helion unique is the freedom to carve your professional future into what YOU, the team member, think it should be. With over 125 team members certified in an abundance of technologies, the ability to learn (and apply this knowledge) is completely obtainable. Additionally, every team member has regular evaluations performed throughout the year. This enables you get regular feedback on your performance and inform department managers and Human Resources of your goals and their status as you move forward.

Community Involvement/Philanthropy

Helion is proud to provide IT support and services pro bono to the Family Tree, as well as contributing significant financial donations each year to this wonderful organization.

Helion has also made generous financial contributions to Pivot. This organization is determined to breaking cycles of poverty and disease in Madagascar (the 7th poorest country in the world).